Ware Rangers Football Club

Why choose us

Ware Rangers is a family friendly, child-centred, inclusive football club, based in the town of Ware, Hertfordshire.

Our Chairman Steve Holman’s vision has been very clear from the outset and that was to create a grassroots club environment where children can flourish and reach their true potential with the focus on player development and not a win at all cost culture.

Every child is different and will develop at different stages, therefore, we must take a holistic approach towards each individual, aiming not only to improve technique and tactical understanding in a football sense, but also to stretch their imagination and creativity as a learner. Players will be encouraged to continuously strive to improve all aspects of their game, instilling a progressive ethos that will help them rise to challenges throughout their lives within a safe environment at Ware Rangers FC.

At Ware Rangers, we believe in creating a positive environment where players can flourish, developmentally, socially and physically, to reach their true potential. Our coaches adopt a holistic approach to treat every player as an individual, who will develop at their own pace. Our goal is simply to provide the means to support this development.

With this in mind, the club have teams which play in the Hertfordshire Girls Football Partnership and Mid Herts Rural Minors Leagues. Both of these leagues are extremely creative in providing provision for players, of all ages and abilities, to enjoy football and develop at their own speed. As a result of the club’s ethos, we have some teams playing in higher divisions in the leagues but all playing at the right developmental standard for each player in the team at this stage of development.

Respect plays a major part in playing for Ware Rangers, with players and parents signing an agreed code of conduct during signing on day. This code of conduct, based on the FA’s suggestions, prioritises player enjoyment and safety, asking parents to refrain from verbally involving themselves in training and matches. A shout of ‘shoot’ or ‘pass’ can influence a player’s decision making. The mistakes that can be made through self-made decision making plays a huge role in the development of a player so we request that parents only encourage and applaud effort.

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